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I Walked This Land

I Walked This Land, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

I Walked This Land
Garden Land, Country Road
St. Michael, Barbados
West Indies
Series: A Walk through the Garden Land

I Walked This Land

How many times have
I traversed these small roads with
My Barefoot black by the Sun and tar
Many times I went to the shop
For sugar and salt, maybe a soft drink
Whistling with marbles in patched pockets
I wonder who was watching me
Saying, that wicked boy can't stand home
Not knowing I was in Heaven
My thoughts were of shooting doves
With my brute of a Gutterperk
My cares were not on the holes in my pants
I didn't care, I was walking the Land
I was being who I was
A Garden Land Boy...

Keith H. Clarke

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