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The Fruit of the Land
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The Fruit of the Land
Old White Men’s Retirement Home
Country Road, St. Michael
Barbados, West Indies
Series: Old White Men’s Retirement Home Revisited

The Breadfruit, yes, The Breadfruit, it deserves that introduction. However, I am not going to ramble on about the history of this popular Barbadian fruit. But I will tell you that I have eaten enough roasted breadfruits as a kid to sink William Bligh’s ship, the HMS Bounty.

Even though roasted breadfruit is my favorite, pickled and cooked breadfruit can and will command my utmost attention. This fruit is so versatile that you can have breadfruit cou cou, breadfruit flour, breadfruit chips, fried breadfruit, cooked breadfruit, breadfruit fish cakes, and many more lovely recipes.

If you have never tasted a piece of breadfruit then I suggest you not waste any more time and go get some.

This image was taken on the premises of the Old White Men’s Retirement Home. You can read more about this wonderful old decaying property here.

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  1. I've never tasted bread fruit, and I think that I am missing out on something!

  2. You are Kris, you are…

  3. Dont get me started on breadfruit..LOL