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Shop Closed

Shop Closed, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Shop Closed
Baxter’s Road, Bridgetown
St. Michael, Barbados
Series: A Sunday Walk Along Baxter’s Road to Bridgetown

Sundays are for relaxing, going to the beach, escaping to that far away picnic, or just having some folks over for lunch. But for me I am going to take a stroll through Bridgetown.

The city should be peaceful and you should be able to appreciate the lovely old buildings that are fast disappearing from the city landscape. Baxter’s Road will be my avenue to the heart of Bridgetown. There are many old single room shops that line Baxter’s Road. At night it comes alive with the smell of frying fish from the old time vendors. If you truly want to see island life then you need to visit Baxter’s Road.

I can feel the old days of soft drinks, sugar, salt, bread, and any other goods the neighborhood shops had on their selves.

I have got my camera gear and some much needed water, now I am going to walk into the past.

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  1. I sure hope no one still lives upstairs that shop!

    It is fun to imagine what life was like years ago in some of these places.

  2. I am sure no one lives there but it sure gives you an idea about life then. This place should be renovated and use as it was before. But I could still see the structure used as some other commercial entity as well.