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Around The Bend

Around The Bend, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Around The Bend
St. George, Barbados
Series: Walking From Jopya Drive to Byde Mill

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  1. Beautiful shot, well composed. I'm into photography myself, http://myworldmylens.aminus3.com

  2. You know that's another thing I miss about Barbados. It's a walkable place.

    You can walk for miles and nobody no bother you...cho. Jamaican crime is just pure and total ridiculousness!

  3. I love walking Barbados, especially in the morning when it is cool. Recently I walked from Bridge to Speightstown (4 + hours). I will have a post on that sometime in the future

  4. Stunner, I thank you for viewing. I appreciate your comment. Definitely, I will check your site and place it my Google Reader list.

  5. 4 hours...o.k. now that's a walk! :)

    Confession : When I first moved to Barbados I heard everyone talking about Speightstown and, until I actually saw the Speightstown sign I thought they were saying "Spice Town"! I was so looking forward to going to Spice Town too :-D

    I'm looking forward to those pictures. I always loved that colourful little area of Barbados.

  6. Many names of streets and places are given flavor by the Bajan dialect. My most famous one is Bay Street, which is often pronounced ‘Base Street’. To be fair the locals, try saying ‘Bay Street’ fast and continuously. You may find yourself speaking some Bajan dialect.