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Crop Over Girls

Crop Over Girls, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Crop Over Girls
Mas Band: The Refugees
Theme: Imagine
Band Leader: Roger Millar
Designer: Lisa & Lee-Ann Millar
National Stadium, St. Michael, Barbados
Series: Barbados Crop Over 2007 - Kadooment Day (08-06-2007)

Kadooment Day is the climax of Crop Over. I have been waiting on this day like many Bajans alike since last August (2006). It is in the blood to jump and revel in the streets. The Calypso or Soca music takes reveler into another world of euphoria. I have not played mass for a few years now. Photographing the event seems to give me more pleasure now. Capturing the emotion of the revelers in the frenzy via music is exhilarating.

But before these massive bands filled with hundreds of paying participants hit the streets they have to impress the judges as they dance and gyrate across the judging point at the National Stadium. Rain or sunshine the carnival madness goes on. There vie to be called the best in different categories like: the biggest band; the best costumes; the best rendition of a specific theme, and the like.

For me, I am track side with the other journalist. Most of the photographers like to amass after the judging point. I prefer to be located before the judging point. As the revelers gear up to cross the stage they are wiped into frenzy by their band leaders. The pulsating music sends them wild and the wait to cross the judging point become intense. That is where I love to be, to capture that pure and complete controlled madness we call mass. And like the top song of the Crop Over 2007 season says, “I am a soca junkie”. So come along and feel the heat we call Kadooment Day, arguably the best day of Crop Over.

New images of Kadooment Day 2007 will be added from time to time as I edit and process them. So do check back when time permits. Thanks.

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  1. Well, I had to go get a drink of really cool water after seeing those three guys, especially the one on the right! lol :-)

  2. Good one, I am LOL. Water, what an essential thing…