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Friday, June 15, 2007

Framed Sea View

Framed Sea View, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Framed Sea View
Walking Into My Past
Hastings, Christ Church

I was still pushing to reach Hastings Rocks but this frame of beauty caught my eye. The house that was there is gone, yet in its absence there is a spectacular view.

The broken iron between the walls is decaying into nothingness. Still, my memories of this area will not be eaten up by sea spray or time.

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  1. Spectacular photographs! My husband and I spent a day in Barbados on our honeymoon. I wished we would have been able to stay longer, it was beautiful.

  2. I thank you Jessie for your kind words and I will be checking you blog as well.

  3. Beautiful shot! The sea is such a beautiful blue.

    I have been desperately trying to remember the neighbourhood I lived in when I was there a few years ago. Ha! I can't believe I could forget that name.

    It came back to me suddenly today at work : West Terrace/Oxnards Heights- up the road from the University.

    Have you taken any photos there?

  4. Ann, I know the area but I have not taken any photos there since 1998 or so. I had a Film SLR then. Now I think about it, I took a sunset shot from the hill there. I have not scanned the image yet. But now I have the digital, scanning photos are becoming a pain.

  5. Just found this in my roaming today: http://tlltworld.blogspot.com/. Enjoy

  6. Dennis, that blog has some spectacular images. Thanks for the link.

  7. This picture immediately made me think of a destroyed bridge. It didn't even occur to me until like twenty seconds after it loaded that it was just the remains of a segment of a fence.

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  9. Kirk, I can see what you are saying. If you look hard enough you can think that it is a broken bridge. Good observation…