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Old Probation Office (08-04-2006)

Old Probation Office, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Old Probation Office
Walking Into My Past
Country Road,
St. Michael, Barbados

Fear can be measure by a lot of things. And for me, it was the mere sight and sounds that came from this building. When I was a boy this building was known as The Probation Office. However, I never saw an adult taken there for council. It was frequented by children, mainly boys.
Really out of control disobedient kids were sent there for discipline. They were flogged as punishment. Screams and wailings could be heard from the outside.

Before I was born (sometime in the 1940s or 1950s) the lovely old structure was the home of the Rector for the Calvary Moravian Church on Roebuck Street. Today this lovely building is home to the Christian Self Help Center.

I cannot help admiring this wonderful Barbadian building. It is truly beautiful.

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  1. It does look foreboding and intimidating.

  2. It sure is a wonderful place and its eerie look holds many secrets I am sure. Thanks for dropping by my blog.