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07-27-2006 (Old White Men Retirement Home)

Old White Men Retirement House
Garden Land, Country Road
St. Michael, Barbados

This old soft stone great house was an Old White Men Retirement Home. The building is older than my grandmother (90+). The property is no longer a Retirement Home. And in the latter years a few black faces could be seen beyond the gates.

When I was a boy we use the climb the fence on the right side of the property to access the mango trees. Uhmmmmm, the mangoes were very sweet.

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  1. My grandfather use to live in one of the little 4 cottages to the right of this building. This picture brought back some memories.

    Your photos are all very beautiful.

  2. WOW. I grew up in the Garden Land (Laundry Road). There are so many stories I can tell. Maybe some day I will write a book.

    Thanks for viewing the blog.


  3. Well looky here! You now have a book! :) Ha!

  4. Ann, I thought you knew I had a book out on Old Barbados.

  5. I know you now have a book, but didn't know the book was published when you posted the previous comment, "Maybe some day I will write a book". :-/