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07-25-2006 (Old Jetty)

Browne's Beach, Barbados

This jetty is old and was there way before my time. There was another one close by but it got removed. It was all broken up and in disrepair.

But as a kid in primary school (Roebuck) we had swimming lessons on the older jetty that is not longer there. The swimming instructor at the time was a Coast Guard Officer by the name of Mr. Best. Suddenly, a week into lessons we came one morning, and he threw us into the sea without our vest and said, “Swim lads”. I was petrified. Anyway, I did learn how to swim.

This jetty just brings back so many memories. I will take this time to remember an old friend who went to primary and secondary school with me. He was a good swimmer. His name was Wayne Stanton. His life was taken from us by meningitis some 10 years ago.

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