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Home Sweet Home (07-21-2006 )

Well, I am here at my Aunt’s home. What a good feeling to know you have no pressure or stress about anything at the moment but to relax.

My grandmother (father’s mother) is 90 something years old. No one except my aunt seems to know what number it is. But I believe no one cares as long as she here every year when we come seeking relaxation.

Grand, as she is called, real name is Gwendolyn. She is always happy to see you and thank God she still has the mental capacity to be conversant and remember. All her faculties are functioning.

So my family here in Barbados is close knit and they all live together in this huge house. To be honest, I cannot remember when my father, aunt (father’s sister), cousin (father sister’s daughter), grandmother, and my uncle (father’s brother), did not live in the same house.

My uncles, however, pass away last summer I was here. What an uncle he was. He was always a loving person. He carried the conversation always. And even though his schooling was not the best he was a walking dictionary and could always have a conversation about what was going on in the world. I miss him.

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