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Friday, August 04, 2006

07-26-2006 (Coconut Trees in the Wind)

Coconut Trees in the Wind
Garden Land, Country Road
St. Michael, Barbados

They say coconut water is good for the kidneys. I just love to drink it, kidneys or not.

07-26-2006 (Old Chattel House)

Old Chattel House
Garden Land, Country Road
St. Michael, Barbados

This is an old wooden chattel house divided by a coconut tree. This scene is reminiscence of the old days.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

07-25-2006 (Welfare Building [the Old Eye Hospital])

Welfare Building (the Old Eye Hospital)
Bay Street, Barbados

This partial structure you see can be found throughout the West Indies in some shape or form. I am speaking of old historic buildings either in a state of neglect or complete dilapidation.

I am of the belief that the government has more to gain in the total restoration or renovation of its heritage buildings. Like Ecotourism, government can profit from Heritage Tourism. Many of them can be turned into museums or restored and used as office space. The architecture of these Great Houses and Public Buildings are magnificent. Yet more and more of them are being destroyed to make way for modern structures. Now in some areas the architecture is out of sync and causing landscape to look a bit out of place.

The Barbados National Trust cannot be the only entity in the quest to regain and retain some of our history. Government has to step in and make contributions to the cause. Imagine, in 2016, most children may not be able to see the Old Welfare Building, or many of the other architectural structures which are sure to be bulldozed.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

07-25-2006 (Barbados Wild Pigeon)

Browne's Beach, Barbados

I am going to tell without any hesitation that this pristine scene of two Barbados Wild Pigeons would have been fair game in my childhood. For sure, one of these lovely birds would have been in the sites of my gutterperk (slingshot). The head would have been the main target, since these birds are tough. Usually you would see them high up in the palm or casuarinas trees. But since they have no predators, they are like the doves, plentiful.

The kids in today’s Barbados do not understand the pleasure of hunting birds. They are more in tune with watching TV, playing video games, misbehaving, or some other vice. They cannot even see the beauty around them.

Oh, boy, one last shot…this time it is the camera.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

07-25-2006 (Bicycle on the Beach)

Browne's Beach, Barbados

Some things just stand out. There is no rhyme or reason to it. What if a bicycle was a sea transporter?

07-25-2006 (Cruise Ship In)

Browne's Beach, Barbados

Since it is now possible to start you cruise from Barbados, there are so many pleasure ships coming that Bridgetown is littered with tourist most of the time.

The Barbados Tourist Board must be happy with the results. Tourism is still the number one income earner for Barbados, Sugarcane and business finance are the other bread winners.

07-25-2006 (Old Jetty)

Browne's Beach, Barbados

This jetty is old and was there way before my time. There was another one close by but it got removed. It was all broken up and in disrepair.

But as a kid in primary school (Roebuck) we had swimming lessons on the older jetty that is not longer there. The swimming instructor at the time was a Coast Guard Officer by the name of Mr. Best. Suddenly, a week into lessons we came one morning, and he threw us into the sea without our vest and said, “Swim lads”. I was petrified. Anyway, I did learn how to swim.

This jetty just brings back so many memories. I will take this time to remember an old friend who went to primary and secondary school with me. He was a good swimmer. His name was Wayne Stanton. His life was taken from us by meningitis some 10 years ago.