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Friday, July 28, 2006

07-24-2006 (Night Bathing)

My two friends (since primary school) walking the beach…

07-24-2006 (Looking at the Beach)

We are walking the beach and enjoying the view....

07-24-2006 (Sea Bathing at Night)

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a sea bath is DAY TIME and SUNSHINE. But here in Barbados a sea bath is anytime of the day, particularly at night. This is such a big thing here that folk silhouette the beach at night. The water is warm at nights and you can have a good soak.

Bring lots of friends and you are sure to have a good time.

07-23-2006 (Mangoes)

Directly behind my aunt’s house is the mango tree of the neighbor. I am thinking like a child again. I am itching to go over the fence and pick some. Well, maybe I should just ask for the sweet fruit.

Monday, July 24, 2006

07-23-2006 (SUNDAY)

I am sitting lounge chair near the garden. The wind is caressing me and I am in heaven. My aunt and grandmother are in the back yard bathing the 2 dogs. I am just waiting on the Sunday Bajan (slang for Barbadian) food. My aunt is cooking up a storm.

Sooner or later I am going to get around to taking some pictures. Until then let me go get coconut water from the fridge. I am thirsty.

07-22-2006 (Pan In the City)

The afternoon heat is tremendous. The beach should be calling, but I am gathering with hundreds of other people near the Lord Nelson statute to hear ‘Pan in the City’. The steel pan players setting up and we are anxiously waiting for it to start.

I am always amazed how the pan players can get such sweet sounds from something a mundane as an oil drum.

My water bottle now has warm water. The sun is baking everything. The tourist, however, do not seem to mind if it melts their shoes. They love it.

Well, needless to say, the steel pan music is now blaring throughout Bridgetown (Barbados’s capital). The folk are dancing and having fun. I am now on my 3rd snow- cone in an effort to combat the heat. I am trying to take a few pictures. I am dancing as well. All I can say for sure is that STEEL PAN music sweet.

07-22-2006 (Hot!)

The wind is howling. It sounds like a little child. And yet the sun is hot. But I am as usual compelled to wander about this country. So my father dropped me into town. The first thing was to check my C&W (Cable and Wireless) pay as go mobile at one of the local centers. Yes, as small as Barbados is you need a cell phone. I believe if you asked everyone in Barbados to turn their cell phones on at night you could see the combined light from space. There are about 3 mobile phones to a person here. Everywhere you go someone is talking on one.

07-21-2006 (Home Sweet Home)

Well, I am here at my Aunt’s home. What a good feeling to know you have no pressure or stress about anything at the moment but to relax.

My grandmother (father’s mother) is 90 something years old. No one except my aunt seems to know what number it is. But I believe no one cares as long as she here every year when we come seeking relaxation.

Grand, as she is called, real name is Gwendolyn. She is always happy to see you and thank God she still has the mental capacity to be conversant and remember. All her faculties are functioning.

So my family here in Barbados is close knit and they all live together in this huge house. To be honest, I cannot remember when my father, aunt (father’s sister), cousin (father sister’s daughter), grandmother, and my uncle (father’s brother), did not live in the same house.

My uncles, however, pass away last summer I was here. What an uncle he was. He was always a loving person. He carried the conversation always. And even though his schooling was not the best he was a walking dictionary and could always have a conversation about what was going on in the world. I miss him.

07-21-2006 (The Flight In)

The 4 ½ hour fight into Barbados was fine. Time was not an issue since I had my IRIVER MP3 player with me. And the passenger next to me was kind enough to be extremely friendly. She was in transit to the small island of St. Vincent.

My only negative was the fact all my camera gear was in the overhead compartment. And since I had the window seat, I felt it to intrusive to be asking the passengers next to me to move. What I do need is small point and shoot camera for these special occasions. If that was the case I would have had some beautiful aerial shots of Barbados.